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Sally's Publicity Secrets Revealed Homestudy Program

With this program, you will discover some of the most powerful almost zero-cost internet strategies that will help you gain massive visibility, credibility and prestige, boost your sales, get the media and influential industry insiders such as literary agents, book editors, and foreign rights buyers to sit up and take notice!

If you're ready to reach more readers with your message and your book, this may be just the information you have been looking for.

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Publicity Secrets Revealed

Publicity Secrets Revealed:
Home Study System

What every PR firm doesn't want you to know!

This Home Study System includes:

  • how to create a killer release that will have the media clamoring to interview you
  • sample press release templates
  • what every author needs to know about setting up their website
  • 7 hook strategies guaranteed to get you publicity
  • how to get corporations to purchase your book by the truckload
  • how to get your book into Wal-Mart
  • sample cover letters, sales sheets, order forms and printer quote info
  • how to prepare a corporate sponsorship proposal
  • sample power point presentation that can earn you up to $150,000 or more
  • a list of top book contests
  • list of 101ways to market your book, product or service
  • and much, much more!

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Sometimes it's just easier to learn in small, bite-sized pieces, one step at a time.

Organized, sequential, and at your own pace, each of the PDF mini-modules below comes with a 1:1 private coaching session, designed to help Sally tailor a customized marketing plan specifically for you.

What Every Successful Author Needs to Know about Setting Up their Website (that most authors do not know about!) $27
Everything You Need to Know about How to Contact the Media (and the 7 Hook Strategies to be timely and Get Booked NOW) $27
How to Sell Your Book to Organization and Corporations in Large Quantities (that will make you more money in one day that most authors make in a lifetime!) $27
How to Create Your Non-Negotiable Almighty "Elevator Pitch!" (that will create curiosity and have the media begging for more!) $27
How to Create an Eye-Catching Media Release (that will have the media clamoring to interview you) $27
How to Create the Perfect Press Release (that PRNewswire and other national media outlets will take seriously) $27
Everything You Need to know to Create a Killer Press Kit to Get Booked on Radio (that will have the media calling you for interviews!) $27
How to Create an Amazing Sales Page (that will have your readers whipping out their wallets!) $27
How to Get Thousands of Dollars in Corporate Sponsorships (with a simple 10 page power-point presentation) $27
The Top 10 Little-Known Amazonian Secrets to Drive TONS of Traffic to Your Book (and 101 OTHER ways to market your book, product or service) $27
Everything you need to know to get started with Social Networking (in order to make tidal waves and create your own BUZZ) $27


The Daughter-in-Law Rules:

101 Surefire Ways to Manage (and Make Friends with) Your Mother-in-Law!

The Daughter-In-Law Rules

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Two Choices for $12.95, which includes free BONUS GIFTS!

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The Collaborator Rules:

101 Surefire Ways to Manage (and Make Friends with) Your Co-Author!

The Collaborator Rules

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Laced with humor, these strategies combine wisdom with a light-hearted, humorous and entertaining style. Funny, insightful and full of great tips, The Collaborator Rules will make your next collaboration a successful and fun endeavor!

"Sally's indispensible book is fun, easy to read and loaded with essential information. Don't even think about collaborating without reading it!"

Mark Steisel, ghostwriter

15% of the proceeds of this book will go to the Make a Wish Foundation®. For more info, please visit:

Sally Shield's Life Transforming E-Book of Poetry "A Pond Beneath the Moon" including her award-winning poem of the same title!

A Pond Beneath The Moon

"The editors of The International Library of Poetry are thrilled to inform you that the poem, "A Pond Beneath the Moon" by Sally Shields, was honored with the prestigious Editor's Choice Award because of her artistic accomplishments and unique perspective— characteristics found in the most noteworthy poetic works."

Howard Ely
Managing Editor of


Moon Melodies (Lullaby Recording)

Bonus Gift- Moon Melodies

The full-length 60 minute CD - mp3 audio download of Moon Melodies— an hour's worth of original soothing solo piano lullabies written and performed by Sally to listen to while reading her poetry! As heard on ABC TV's "All My Children!"

Uniquely creative award-winning pianist Sally Shields offers deliciously delightful melodic soothing tranquil lullabies - assuredly to lull your infant to absolute repose.

These 17 individual ballads, modeled after Bach's Well -Tempered Clavier provide an hours' worth of pure peacefulness as well as a lifetime of musical pleasure.

"This is a wonderful project. It has musical heart and soul. It also has a strong, sincere, universal, clear concept with personal artistic integrity, and serves as a strong showcase for Sally's compositional skills."

Bob Karcy
president, Arkadia Records



An mp3 of Sally's original full- length 60 minute CD Cruisin'!

As heard on ABC TV's daytime drama All My Children!


Yes Indeed

The full-length 60 minute mp3 audio download of Sally's CD "Yes, Indeed!"

Includes Sally's original tunes"The Life Lesson Learned!" and the hit song "Stay the Same" as performed by award winning vocalist Caroyn Leonhardt (background singer for Steely Dan)!!!


Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams

... and A solo piano offering from Sally! The full-length 60 minute mp3 audio download of Sally's CD "Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams"

"Sally Shields is consistent in the tremendously high level of her playing and composing. She is a pianist very much in the tradition of Bill Evans, Alan Broadbent, and Fred Hersch, with a bit of Erroll Garner and Kenny Barron thrown in. Sumptuously melodic, cleverly harmonic, and intelligently lyrical, this is music of the highest caliber."

C. Michael Baily,


The Daughter-in-LawRules Gift Certificates

Gift Certificate

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