There comes a time in every woman’s life where she wants to purchase a vibrator. It’s perfectly normal. Vibrators are constantly referenced in pop culture. The vibrations that they give off make orgasms better, stronger, and faster for both men and women. They are great for solo masturbation or can even be used with a partner. They really are the most versatile sex toy. I suggest you buy one and never look back, you certainly won’t regret it. We’re going to help you find the best rabbit vibrator whether you’re a pro or beginner.

As sex toys become less taboo and more people find themselves purchasing them, so do more companies begin purchasing. Each company has its own agenda. Some companies seek to create a quality vibe that pleasures women, is safe to use, and doesn’t cost a small fortune. Other sex toy companies create products that are of low quality and are unsafe for body insertion.

TheDilRules wants to help you find the perfect vibrator. We suggest the Happy Rabbit 2. It checks all the boxes with its thrusting head, vibrating shaft, and motorized rabbit ears that press against your clitoris. The Happy Rabbit 2 pleasures your g-spot, clitoris, and vaginal canal simultaenously.

To highlight some of the Happy Rabbit 2’s pros and cons:


  • USB rechargeable
  • Waterproof, quiet, and powerful motors
  • 12 vibrators modes
  • Made from silicone


  • Expensive
  • Limited store options

Click here if you’d like to read a full review of the Happy Rabbit 2.

How We Grade Rabbit Vibrators

Here is the formula we use to grade products. If you don’t decide to go with our recommendation, you can still use this list to help you decide on the perfect product for you.

Build Material

You’re thinking of sticking a foreign object up your vagina in order to achieve immense pleasure. Now is not the time to go with that plastic piece of crap. You’re going to want to go with silicone, every single time. Silicone is mostly non-porous. That means bacteria can’t get inside, grow, and cause damage to you or your sex toy.


As much as I’d like every woman in the world to own a $250 rabbit vibrator, it’s just not financially possible. Just like how everyone has different likes and bodies, we also have different financial backgrounds. Don’t go over budget this month just to get an orgasm. Buy the best sex toy you can afford, don’t overdo it. You’re better off saving for 2 months and getting quality than getting a cheap plastic vibe.


While brand recognition isn’t nearly as important as price or build quality, it’s still something to consider. This is a sword that cuts both ways. Some brands charge an arm and a leg for a mediocre product. OtherRab brands put out low-quality knockoffs that could cause you to get sick. Some brands put out a high-quality product with a fair price-tag.

How Rabbit Vibrators Work

I’m going to be using some technical terms here. If you’re not familiar with the female anatomy, you may want to take a look at this planned parenthood article on female sexual organs. It goes into great detail to describe what everything is, where to find it, and how it works.

In short, the shaft of the vibrator satisfies the feeling of wanting to be filled. Ask any women what sexual arousal feels like for them, a desire to be “filled” is a very common occurrence. The head of the vibrator thrusts and vibrators directly on the G-spot. The G-spot is a small, fleshy spot a couple of inches inside the vagina. It’s located on the “front” side of your body. The “rabbit ears” after which the vibrator is named are placed into contact with your clit. The clit is typically the most sexually sensitive area on a woman’s body.

Most sex toys only pleasure one area at a time. With a rabbit vibrator, you are getting the best of all three worlds. No hand, penis, or mouth can come close to achieving the same level of stimulation. Every woman should own one, you haven’t truly experienced the height of orgasms without one.

Using a Rabbit Vibe

Use is simple, just place the vibrator inside yourself with the “head” resting lightly on your g-spot. Place the rabbit ears on your clitoris. Get yourself in a comfortable position, ideally on your back with your legs in the air. Start the rabbit vibrator and use the lowest setting. Work your way up the settings until you find the perfect amount of vibrations and intensity for you.

Staying Clean

Cleaning is super easy if your toy is made from silicone. You read all about keeping your rabbit vibrator clean here. To paraphrase, just use warm water and very mild soap after use. If things are getting really dirty you can boil your vibrator for small amounts of time to kill any and all bacteria that has grown.